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sexta-feira, junho 15

História em Imagens

1947 (Resolução 181 da Assembleia Geral da ONU)

Se no ínicio do ano de 2005 - pouco após a morte de Arafat - me dizessem que o que sucede hoje poderia acontecer, eu não acreditava.

Hamas seizes control in Gaza, ousting Fatah

On its first day in full control in Gaza, Hamas on Friday both mocked and reached out to its defeated Fatah rivals, offering them amnesty but also rifling through President Mahmoud Abbas's bedroom, stripping a former Gaza strongman's home down to the flowerpots and throwing a Fatah gunman off a rooftop.

U.S. considers accepting Hamas takeover of Gaza

Among Middle East experts, the possibility of trying to establish a diplomatic separation between Gaza and the West Bank and lavishing benefits on the West Bank - an idea that seemed remote a week ago - is now being discussed.

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