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sábado, junho 9

Letter of Love

1. The duty of every American is to make America grow. And every one who makes America grow is American. In Europe, it doesn’t make sense for a citizen of a country to immigrate to Germany, for instance, and become German, but to come to America and become American makes total sense. Coming to America is in itself already being American. To come is not to visit; those who come don’t go. America is not a natural country. It’s a created country; an invention of human beings. Since World War I, the story of the world is to come to America.


5. If Europe is the past of America, the former USSR was a reaction to America. USSR was also a human invention, but it was an invention against-time, it was an invention against-America. The USSR wanted to change the world. The USSR wanted to change history. The USSR tried to be a floodgate against the course of history, it tried to be a floodgate against the course of the world. The USSR wanted to be what America already was: the comprehension of the world.

6. It doesn’t make sense to say, unless in medieval terms, that America wants to rule the world. It doesn’t make sense, because America is the world. It is the world not for having conquered it; but because the world lives from, for and against America. The term New World also doesn’t make sense anymore.


16. The internet Americanized the world more than Hollywood had already done. Wherever there’s Internet, there’s America. Wherever there was Roman Law, there was Rome.

America Is por Paulo José Miranda (via O Insurgente)

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