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segunda-feira, outubro 22

Conceito de Pobreza

Pode ser um problema muito meu, mas custa-me a aceitar um conceito de pobreza onde uma melhoria das condições de vida de todos leve a um aumento da pobreza.

O Prós e Contras desta noite gira em torno deste conceito - insuportável, portanto - bastaram cinco minutos de programa para mudar de canal.

Que queiram confundir desigualdade de rendimento com pobreza, estejam à vontade, eu cá por mim não gosto muito de baralhar os termos. Os apologistas das sociedades igualitárias que o façam.

When measured, poverty is the absolute or relative poverty. Absolute poverty refers to a set standard which is consistent over time and between countries. An example of an absolute measurement would be the percentage of the population eating less food than is required to sustain the human body (approximately 2000-2500 calories per day for an adult male).

Relative poverty views poverty as socially defined and dependent on social context. In this case, the number of people counted as poor could increase while their income rise. A relative measurement would be to compare the total wealth of the poorest one-third of the population with the total wealth of richest 1% of the population. There are several different income inequality metrics. One example is the Gini coefficient.

In many developed countries the official definition of poverty used for statistical purposes is based on relative income. As such many critics argue that poverty statistics measure inequality rather than material deprivation or hardship. For instance, according to the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, 46% of "those" in "poverty" in the U.S. own their own home (with the average poor person's home having three bedrooms, with one and a half baths, and a garage).

Fonte: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poverty

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