"The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." Ayn Rand

sexta-feira, dezembro 21

Diz-se por aí

"Who's Lee King?" —Mel B. when asked her opinion on the Spice Girls' music leaking on the Internet

"I ordered a Hummer hybrid." —Noted environmentalist Paris Hilton. Unfortunately, according to a Hummer spokesman, there is no such car

"My whole mantra is 'It doesn't matter how big I get, there's always the smell of cow shit.' Because on my first tour, we played all these rodeos, and there literally was cow shit everywhere. But maybe God puts the cow shit there to drive me." —Kelly Clarkson

"He insisted that I make a movie, and now four years later, I have now done that! Whatever he tells you to do, you have to do it, because he is the King of the Jews!" —Jerry Seinfeld, who was encouraged by Steven Spielberg to make Bee Movie
Estas e outras citações do ano 2007 da pop culture aqui.

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