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sábado, fevereiro 16

She Deserves It

And to think, just a few days prior, Winehouse had been admitted to rehab after that infamous crack-smoking video. To make matters worse, she couldn't get a visa. Instead of getting her chance to shine on the Grammy stage, she was forced to do a 4 am gig in London at a small club via satellite. The Grammys had been hyping her set as "the performance we've all been waiting for" throughout the night. The hype seemed ominous: would the notoriously erratic Winehouse fall on her face, as she infamously did at the MTV Europe Awards? But Amy didn't let us down. When she always sings live, she sings raw; she doesn't just imitate her recordings. Last night, she undertook a "Oh no you di-int" stance, staring down the camera and rolling her neck like a ghetto diva. But she also looked genuinely happy and alive - playful, sarcastic, and every bit a rock star. She was confident enough to have fun with "You Know I'm No Good" and "Rehab," jokingly lowering her voice, pulling up her skirt, and giving Tina Turner and Beyoncé a considerable run for their money in the energy department.

And her little comment at the end? "This for London cuz Camden Town is burning down." Instant classic. (It was a reference to the massive fire over the weekend in Camden that burned down Amy's hangout joint, The Hawley Arms.) Let the post-Grammy bounce begin. She deserves it.

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