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segunda-feira, maio 21

O Pequeno Satã

Israeli-Palestinian violence escalated dangerously Monday when Israel killed five militants in airstrikes and indicated that Hamas political leaders could be their next target, and a rocket fired from Gaza killed an Israeli woman, inviting a harsh Israeli response.

The rocket fired at the battered town of Sderot hit a car, setting it on fire. Both Hamas and Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.

Officials said the woman, who was hit while approaching the car, died on the way to the hospital. Two other people were wounded.

Verifica-se que os palestinianos só atiram rockets para se defenderem. De tal forma, que quando morre uma civil israelita, todos querem ser os autores de tal proeza. Com os misseis israelitas também morrem civis palestinianos? Em maior número até? Sim. Os israelitas fazem disso um orgulho? Dúvido... mas isto se calhar sou só eu, que devo ter para aqui um qualquer enviezamento ideológico.

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